FREE Guide: 22 Powerful Steps to Rapidly Scale Your Business to a Million!
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What will you get in this Guide??
  •  How to get Rich 
  • Know How to be Unshakeable 
  •  Brand yourself as a Millionaire 
  • Never lose Control again 
Results You Will Get From Using The 22 Powerful Steps 
How to Get Rich 
- The secrets are revealed on how to become rich and stay rich.
Know how to be unshakeable
- Never again will you be disrupted by others opinions, thoughts and fears
Brand yourself as a Millionaire
- Know how to build a brand and keep it
Never lose control again
- You will have absolute certainty  
Testimonial #1: OMG, this guide is so awesome, that I have copied all the steps to my phone in such a way that I get to see one every day randomly, just to remind me of who I am and what wonderful things I can achieve.
When I got the guide, I had a small business that was going nowhere, because I was behaving like a headless chicken. No focus and no direction. Now I feel a different person, my business is growing and ways I would not have believed was possible, I have 2 ladies working part-time for me now and clients finally know where to find me. I was not aware that my life could be so different in every way that counts to me.
I feel so happy now, I am very grateful.
At first, I followed all the steps as described in the guide, in that order, which was not that easy, but I noticed great and positive changes very fast, both in my business and my life, so that kept me going.
Without the 22 steps I would not have been where I am now and I feel even proud of myself for having achieved so much in such a short time. And I can hardly believe they are giving such value away for free. I am looking forward to everything this company is publishing when there is more of this quality, I know where I will go for help when problems occur.

Thank you ever so much.
Marianne Linders.

— First Last Name
Testimonial #2: It’s not that I’m not successful, I just wanted “more” in a lot of different ways. I was noticing that putting more time in my business was not helping me get any further along, in fact it was only adding to my frustration. I didn’t know what else to do besides do more.
Of course, I want a million dollar business, but it’s the word Powerful that struck a chord. I think of myself as powerful, but I haven’t been feeling that way lately when it comes to my business. Because I was already overloaded, I didn’t want too much else on my plate, and figured 22 steps were manageable….
What an eye-opening guide! There were some things I already knew but hadn’t quite thought of in the way it was presented. Then there were things I hadn’t even considered. The best was that it got me thinking again about everything that makes my business mine.
As I side benefit, I noticed my home life got better right along with my business. I have a spring in my step again, and I wake up feeling energized and excited about implementing all these new ideas that keep coming. I also keep that guide on my desk, I still read it every day (a different step) to get every bit out of it I can. Many thanks, it’s become the blueprint to changing my life and business for the better.

Sybil Lentz

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Meet Dawn Cady, Australia’s premiere transformation coach winner of multiple awards for her work. 

Having struggled with debilitating adversity for over 30 years – battling disease and disability, navigating through every obstacle one can face - Dawn has wisdom born not only of education, but of experience. Beyond her significant formal training Psychotherapy, Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, & many more, she has dedicated the past 15 years to earnestly researching “a better way.”

The result? Bringing together the world’s best mindset techniques, The Neural Alignment Method is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real freedom from pain of every sort – without medication - and a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction from all areas of life. From small business owners, to Australia's largest corporations, from debilitating physical pain to mindsets that guarantee results in business, home and in life. Dawn has worked wonders across the board, regardless of age, location, or situation.

Having gone through the journey of anguish, immobility, failed businesses and heartbreaking relationship issues – both on a personal and professional level - to joy, success, and several thriving businesses, Dawn would be thrilled and honoured to help you achieve the same prosperity….
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